An Alternative to Inline Automatic Print Engine Labelers

Most printer-application equipment manufacturers only offer an expensive conveyor based solution. Do you need a more economical option for “on demand” short run projects?
CAB has a complete line of durable semi-automatic print-and-apply labelers for all varieties of flat, oval, and round products. The recently released S series integrates with the Squix printer for “real-time” first off labeling. By using the included Windows based Cablabel software, each product is labeled by simply placing it in the fixture.

These systems have a cycle rating of approximately 10-20+ products per minute depending upon product, label length, and user dexterity. This means that 5,000+ products can be labeled in a 8 hour shift to meet or exceed daily production.

Priddy Sales is an authorized sales, service, and support CAB partner. Each system is engineered specifically for the application and comes with a performance guarantee. We can provide a no obligation quote for your project – just contact us today.