C-205 Hot Stamp Label Imprinting

Universal C-205 Hot Stamp Imprinter

Quite often pre-printed labels need to be lot or date coded as they are being applied. The Universal C-205 hot stamper is a bolt-on labeling system accessory for synchronously imprinting or embossing this information onto the label. This allows the end-user to meet current FDA standards whether the labeling application is semi-automatic or “inline” automatic.

Some of the benefits of this machine are:

  • An adjustable type chase that can accept alphanumeric characters from 6pt to 42pt
  • Hot stamp imprint ribbon that only advances the amount that is imprinted
  • A process that is less messy and durable than typical ink coding equipment
  • The option for an alternating code on front-back labeling projects

Tire Adhesive Options

If you have ever pulled off a tire identification label you know the adhesive is very tacky. This is necessary due to being such a difficult substrate to bond. Unfortunately, this same aggressive adhesive when die-cut can sometimes ooze out during thermal transfer printing causing premature print head wear. The same can happen to a labeler tamp head if being auto-applied.

To resolve this issue, Priddy Sales along with Sato America recently developed a comprehensive dry edge feature during the manufacturing process that encompasses the entire label. This allows the label to fully cure on the surface and not abrasively attack printers or applicators.

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