Honeywell “Battery Free” Wireless Area-Imager Scanner

The Honeywell Xenon 1902g-bf area-imager scanner is Honeywell’s latest barcode scanner powered by super-capacitors. By eliminating the battery, this environmentally friendly scanner is capable of scanning over 450 barcodes on a single charge. Recharge takes less than 60 seconds via a powered USB port.

What are some of the features?

  • When fully charged, this device can scan over 450 UPC/EAN codes before needing a recharge
  • Super-capacitors hold their charge for hours when fully charged. So forgetting to place the scanner in the charger will likely not impact production.
  • Two configurable recharge alerts remind you to place the scanner back into the base for charging – and can be set to trigger at different levels of discharge and urgency.
  • Fully charges in under two minutes with a simple USB connection, and under 30 seconds when a powered USB or external power supply is used.
  • Integrated Bluetooth low-energy Class 2 radio gives users complete freedom of movement up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the base.
  • Paging system on the base activates auditory signal to locate a misplaced scanner.

How do I purchase one?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt quote.

Post-Print Options for Label Printers

For most applications, printing and then tearing off the labels from the printer is sufficient. But in many instances this is not the cleanest or most efficient method. Essentially all tabletop sized printers we sell have accessories to help dispense, rewind, apply, or cut and stack labels.

Dispensing – this accessory is used to present the label to the user “pre-peeled” away from the liner. The instant the label is grabbed, the sensor signals the printer to print the next label and the scrap backing is automatically rewound. This is a great option for manually applying labels or sequential ID projects.

Rewinding – by using an internal or external label rewinder, the labels are synchronously rewound onto a 3” ID core. After the print job is complete, the user can take the label roll to another location. This can eliminate the mess and fatigue of having an employee manually rewind the labels by hand.

Applicator – this option is available in a wide variety of forms (tamp, blow, and roll-on) to real-time apply the printed label to a user-delivered product.

Cutter – after each label or tag is printed, they are individually cut. An optional tray
and stacker can also be used to organize the cut media. Common applications are apparel tags, consumer ticketing, automotive labels, and pharmaceuticals.

How do I add or purchase one of these devices?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application. We can typically provide multiple options to meet the project parameters.

Surebonder ULTRA Glue Guns

Brand new to the market, the Surebonder ULTRA dual-temperature commercial grade hot melt glue guns have excellent output and a revolutionary “peace of mind” automatic shut-off function. They use standard 7/16” diameter glue sticks and come in 60 watt and 100 watt versions.

What are some of the features?

  • Value priced high output 100 watt (DT-3100F)
  • Uses standard 7/16” diameter glue sticks
  • 30 minute auto shut off function to ensure safety
  • Ergonomic rubber trigger and handle design
  • On-board switch for high and low temperature gluing applications
  • Power light and safety fuse
  • Side fins allows the gun to lay safely on its side, preventing glue back up
  • Insulated interchangeable nozzles
  • Detachable sturdy wire stand

How do I purchase one?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application or purchase online. We have over 30 years experience with hot melt gluing equipment and can help match the right equipment to your need.

Universal R315 Automatic Small Diameter Round Product Labeling System

The Universal R315 Automatic “Small Diameter” Round Product is a niche but very effective labeler. The R315 is custom built from the ground up for YOUR specific project demands.  It is commonly used for labeling small diameter round products like vials, markers, cosmetic sticks, and lip balms. Apply only or print-and-apply versions are available with throughput of sixty or more products per minute.

What are some of the features?

    • Easy to load in-feed chute
    • Diameter range of .375” to 1.375” with quick change product carousels
    • Heavy-duty table top system with optional framework base/caster wheels
    • State of the art digital controls with job save features
    • Optional print-and-apply capability with print engine, tabletop loose loop, or hot stamp imprinter
    • Standard label web width up to 6.5”
    • Performance guarantee and 1 year warranty

How do I purchase one?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss the project and receive a no obligation quotation. Priddy Sales has been a premier Universal sales and support distributor for over 30 years.