Protecting your Investment

Whether it is a $8 bottle of super glue or $75,000 labeling system, we recommend reading the below suggestions for extending the life of your product or asset!

Surge Protector

No matter where you work, bad weather, “brownouts” or power surges are inevitable.  Most consider a power strip sufficient, but in reality ALL equipment should be plugged into a surge protector.  This protects the main electrical components which are typically expensive to replace.

Adhesives or Labels

For temperature and moisture sensitive products consider the following:

  • Store unopened super glue bottles in a in freezer.  By slowing down the molecules, this will significantly increase shelf life.
  • Keep unopened MMA’s (methacrylates) cartridges in a refrigerator.  This will help extend their short shelf life.
  • Keep blank polypropylene and polyester label rolls in an office temperature controlled environment.  This will eliminate possible adhesive oozing that can release the labels from the liner.

Clean Air for Pneumatic Equipment

Water in air lines is unfortunately also very common!  It can easily be removed by using an aftermarket air purification or inline water separator system.

Maintenance or Repair

Priddy Sales offers several options for preventative maintenance or repair.  These services can be provided onsite or at our facility.  Call 800-275-0828 to discuss the best option with one of our trained technicians!

Synthetic Label Options

For basic labeling applications, a short term paper thermal transfer or direct thermal label is typically sufficient. But what about projects where the label needs to be tear-proof, withstand outside temperatures, resist chemicals, or smudging? The list below outlines our stock synthetic label material options. They are available in blank or printed formats.

  • Polypropylene (BOPP/Kimdura®) – lowest cost synthetic film typically best for indoor consumer products like food, beverage, or “prime” labels.
  • Polyethylene (Valeron®) – a flexible conforming film with excellent chemical resistance often used for labeling bottles.
  • Polyolefin (Tyvek®) – a lower cost film that is extremely flexible; perfect for labeling irregular or reusable containers.
  • Polyester (Mylar®) – high quality rigid film with extreme durability and chemical resistance. Common applications are outdoor, GHS, UL, CSA, “see through” clear, silver, and tamper evidence.

How do I purchase these labels?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application or fill out our custom labeling questionnaire by clicking here and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Surebonder 735 A very popular product

What is Surebonder 735?

This high temperature amber colored high-strength hot melt is available in a variety of stick sizes and bulk chips.  It is commonly used for bonding metal, plastics, ceramics, coated cardboard, paper, non-porous materials, wood, solid surfaces, or Corian.

Product Specifications

  • High temperature application temperature range is 325F to 380F.
  • High strength bond exhibiting good shock resistance in low and ambient temperatures.
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Made in the USA

  • Working “open” time of 25 seconds.
  • Meets FDA food packaging approval 21CFR175.105

How do I purchase it?

This product can be purchased online or by calling us at 800-275-0828.

“Spin-in-Place” Labeling System

Whether you call it an encapsulator, spin-in-place, or trap-and-wrap, this technique by Universal Labeling Systems is one of the most consistent ways to automatically apply labels to both cylindrical and conical shapes. The moving product is typically trapped in a three-roller mechanism. The product is then rotated and the label is applied in a synchronous motion.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Increased label placement accuracy versus a standard wrap belt.
  • Great choice for lightweight, flimsy, or smaller diameter bottles.
  • Best option when label orientation to a bottle handle, notch, or seam is required.
  • Labeling speeds up to 60+ bottles per minute.
  • Easily adjustable for straight wall to tapered containers
  • Available in right or left hand line configurations.

How do I purchase one?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a no obligation quote.