Hot Melt Spray Applications

Spray grade hot melt adhesives are perfect for temperature-sensitive materials, such as plastic foams and films. Spraying allows for a wider area of adhesion, for improved bond strength on weaker substrates when compared with bead dispensing. These systems are solvent-free and non-toxic, so there are none of the environmental problems often associated with spray guns. We proudly distribute the market leader Power Adhesives for these products!

Dispensing Options

Hot Melt Options

Other Advantages

  • Narrow, medium, and wide nozzle options available
  • Optional workstation with mount, foot control, and timer
  • Hot melt has indefinite shelf life with no special shipping or storage requirements
  • No adhesive waste; any unused hot melt will re-melt the next time

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.