Quadrack Hot Melt Glue Sticks

For years, 3M has required purchasing their Quadrack “ridged” 5/8 inch diameter x 8 inches long hot melt glue sticks when using the Polygun TC or EC applicators. Thanks to the folks at Surebonder, we now offer significantly lower priced offset sticks that work perfectly in the aforementioned glue guns. These sticks are made in the USA and can be used for a large variety of applications!


  • Low temperature for heat sensitive materials
  • Light tan color
  • 5 second fast set bond
  • Great for foam, POP displays, and fabrics
  • Offset to 3M 3762LMQ sticks


  • High temperature
  • Tan color
  • 15 second hot tack bond
  • Great for woodworking and carton sealing
  • Offset to 3M 3762Q sticks


  • Multi-purpose for high or low temperature use
  • Clear color
  • 60 second bond
  • Great for paper, wood, cardboard, electrical potting, carpet set seams, floral, and crafts
  • Offset to 3M 3792Q sticks

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

On-Demand Color Labels



What methods are available?

“On-demand” color thermal transfer printing is a great way to differentiate your product while eliminating waste. 1 or 2 color printers are available for branding, lot coding, inventory management, and GHS compliance. These printers can also be integrated with semi-automatic and inline automatic label applicators. All of this is accomplished with high quality color thermal transfer ribbons!

What ribbon colors are available?

Wax for paper labels

Wax/resin for polypropylene or polyolefin labels

Resin for polyester or vinyl

What are some typical applications?

Color labels are commonly used in GHS drum labeling, food manufacturing, medical equipment, pharmaceutical identification, automotive components, and outdoor labeling.

How do I purchase these ribbons?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your project and receive a prompt no obligation quote.