Candle Labels

Candle Company Labeling Applicationscandle-front-labels

What are some ways Priddy Sales can save our candle manufacturing company money?
As shown below, we offer many different and customizable candle label solutions to meet your needs.


Application: Fixturing candle wicks to glass or metal containerscandle-wicks

Candle-Stik is a specialized hot melt adhesive
designed for wick insertion equipment (like JBN Design) to fixture candle wicks in containers prior to filling with wax.


Application: Preprinted Candle Warning Labelscandle-warning-label

Priddy Sales offers several stock warning label options for votive and large candles. In addition, your company name, info, and logo can be printed at no extra charge!.


Application: Pressure sensitive labeling of candle containersr310-candle-labels

  • The Universal R310 semi-automatic labeling system is durable, accurate, versatile,
    and affordably priced at $4,895. The user places the glass, plastic, or metal container in the product carriage and presses a footswitch. That’s it! The container is labeled and the process is repeated with speeds of 20+ per minute commonly achieved.
  • The “inline” Universal R321 automatic round product labeling system starting at
    $19,995 can be configured for just about any candle labeling project at speeds up to
    100+ per minute.


Application: Short run of custom labelscustom-candle-labels
Need a short run of as little as 100 labels?  Need 4 color process? Want to skip die and plate charges? Variable imaging of data or graphics? We can do that! Priddy Sales offers
digitally printed 4 color process custom labels in a wide variety of sizes, adhesives,
laminates, and UV coatings. Click here for an online quote or call us today to discuss your project.


Application: Case labeling and enclosure for shippingshipping-labels

  • For shipping, box identification, or barcode labels we recommend giving us a call to discuss the numerous label printing solutions we have to offer.
  • The Surebonder PRO2-220 hot melt glue gun using 711R10 sticks will get the job done! With excellent control and throughput, this combination will seal your medium to large boxes in a matter of seconds.