DoD RFID Labeling Solutions

Department of Defense (DoD) RFID Printing

What are the requirements?

The Department of Defense (DoD) and others are now requiring suppliers to use RFID technology on high value items.  Priddy Sales Company offers a complete turnkey solution for printing your own RFID UHF Gen2 compliance labels. No longer will you have to contract another company for this; saving you time and money!

What are some other benefits of this solution?

  • The ability to create DoD smart labels without knowing the RFID tag data specifications
  • The ability to import RFID data from numerous data sources (including databases)
  • The ability to keep track of RFID serial numbers
  • The ability to print the RFID data as a report that can later be used for the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) system or an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)
  • The ability to print RFID data as a bar code or human-readable backup on the actual label
  • Free included pre-designed RFID label formats that ready to use!
  • Free phone support Monday-Friday 8-5 CST

What kind of computer will we need?

Likely the one you are using now! The software is designed for Windows 2000 or newer PCs and is Windows 8 compliant. The printer only requires either a single serial or USB connection.

What if we have a special project or have other questions?

Just call 800-275-0828 or email us at Our trained staff will promptly guide you to the appropriate solution!

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