Labeling Product Selector


Question #1 – How many products do you need to label a day?

If you are labeling fewer than 6,000 products a day we recommend a semi-automatic solution. If labeling over 6,000 a day consider an automatic solution.

Question #2 – Are the labels pre-printed or do they need to be variable printed just before being applied to the product (print-and-apply)?

We offer equipment and consumables for both

Question #3 – Why not just buy used?

  1. Almost every labeling project has a custom component. Because of this, we often find companies that buy used end up spending more converting their machine than if they had just purchased new from the start.
  2. Many used systems are obsolete and replacement parts are not available.
  3. Every new labeler Priddy Sales offers come with a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE and minimum one year warranty.

Question #4 – Why choose Priddy Sales?

We have proven USA manufactured solutions for all varieties of labeling applications. In addition, we train, service, and support all of the equipment. As a full solution supplier, we also have blank and pre-printed labels with ship points all over the country.

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Round Product or Bottle Labeler for Pre-Printed Labels
Plastic and glass bottles, candles, gallon with handle, Plastic tubes or sleeves, Syringes, Tapered deli cups, Mason jar, Oversized container, Water bottles, Shampoo bottle, Water filters, and Wine bottles.

Round Products “Print-and-Apply”
Syringe, Bottle

Flat, Oval, or Curved Products Apply Only
Tins, plastic, and glass bottles, Flat bags and cartons, 3 panel bottle, Dual apply, Metal part, Tamper evident seal, Adhesive bottle, Odd shaped product, Electrical cord, Wire, Screw, Pipe, Olive oil, Multi-panel, Mirror and oval containers, and Very small labels.

Flat, Oval, or Curved Products “Print-and-Apply”Universal Wire Labeler
Electrical components, Medicine foil packs, Poles, Boxes and paper tubes, 2-color GHS labels, Small labels, Child booster seats, and 5 gallon buckets.



Round Products Apply Only
Plastic bottles, Glass bottles, Gallons with handle orientation, Metal tins, Plastic bottles with zero downtime, Paint cans, Syringes, Tapered deli tubs, Glass candles, Cosmetic cream, End of lip balms, End of eyeliners and lipstick tubes, Medicine bottles, Large buckets, Tubes, Liquor bottles, Smokeless cigarettes, Vials, Mason jars, Chocolate eggs, Water bottles, Wine bottles, Pails or buckets with bails, Buckets with handles, Hot sauce, and Caplets.

Round Products “Print-and-Apply”labelers-food-and-bakery
Water bottles with color printing, Small plastic bottles, Adhesive tubes, Vials, Aerosol cans, Glass tubes, Marker tubes, and Buckets.

Flat, Oval, or Curved Products Apply Only
Box corner trailing, Booklet labels, Leading edge and side of boxes, Tool canister, 3-sided paint containers, Clamshell containers, Fuel containers, 3-sided F-style, Medical pill cards, Oval containers, Tamper evident seal, Small bottles, Motor oil containers, Liquor bottles, 2-panel wrap F-style, Glass bottles, Multi-tube packs, Promotional products, Fiber board stock, Cookies, cakes, pizzas, shrink wrapped, and coffee box, Ingredients label, Magazines and card stock, Boxes, tubs, and chip bags, Medical pouches, Auto valves, Books, Salsa deli containers, and 5-sides clamshell containers.

Flat, Oval, or Curved Products “Print-and-Apply”labelers-buckets
Front and top of boxes, Card stock, Clamshells, Filled bags, Plastic jugs, Spools, Poly bags, Food trays, Contact lens packs, Corner wrap, Pouches, and Pallets.




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