Poster Mounting

Large Product Gluing Applications

Application: Poster mounting

Gluefast Colonel or Potdevin Type Z gluers to apply a thin film of adhesive to the back of the poster. After applying the coated side to the cardboard, smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with an optional rotary press.


Application: Coating up to 5/8″ thick materials like leather, cardboard, veneer, glass, plywood, plastic, or metal

Using the aforementioned gluers… the optional pressure bar attachment (call for pricing) can handle the project without bending or creasing the product.

Application: Hardcover book making

Using the aforementioned gluers, an optional alignment table will assist the user to accurately place the binder board onto the cover. Suction holds it firmly into place as the corners are then easily cut or trimmed. The optional edge turner allows the glue covered edges to be turned in and firmly compressed.