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Electric and mechanical parts carry a DOA warranty, other parts are sold as-is. Please ensure you are purchasing the correct part for your equipment by referring to equipment manuals or parts diagrams prior to ordering.If you require assistance determining if a part will work for your equipment please call us.

Manuf. Part Qty For Model Condition Price New Our Price Description
Zebra 45153M, 48153-4M 1 140Xi2 Refurb $84 $30 Zebra 140Xi2 Media Hanger Assembly
Zebra 46060, 47936, 48039, 30392-004 1 Various Xi models Refurb, Scratches $120 $40 Zebra Solid Door Assembly (outer panel fits any Xi series printer, the media cover fits 140Xi series)
Zebra 46198M 1 Various Xi2 models Refurb $75.32 $25 Kit Maint DC Stepper Motor w/Pulley 200 DPI for 90Xi2, 140Xi2, 170Xi2
Zebra 46755M 2 Various Xi2, Xi3 models Refurb $191 $50 Xi2 LCD Display for Xi2 and Xi3 series
Zebra 48037-1, 46491-2 1 140Xi2 Refurb $33 $15 Zebra 140Xi2 Front Cover with Lower Media Trim Panel
Zebra 48150M, 48250M, 47081, HW38015, HW47158 1 140Xi2 Refurb, Scratches $128 $40 Zebra 140Xi2 Ribbon Takeup Spindle (includes parts 47081 spring, HW38015 set screw, HW47158 nut)
Zebra 48151M 1 140Xi2 Refurb $150 $50 Zebra 140Xi2 Ribbon Supply Spindle Assembly
Zebra 49700M 2 Various Xi2, PAX models Refurb $1589 $250 Xi2 Main Logic Board, currently configured for 140Xi2 203dpi, can be used with Xi2 series as well as PAX and PAX2 print engines
Zebra 49780M 2 Various Xi2, PAX models Refurb $468 $100 Xi2 AC Power Supply PCB for Xi2 Series as well as PAX2 and PAX3 series
Zebra 49790M 5 Various Xi2, PAX models Refurb $357 $100 Xi2 DC Power Board for Xi2 and Xi3 series as well as RH PAX2 and PAX3 print engines
Zebra 46702M 1 Various Xi Refurb $2000 $250 Xi Main Logic Board, currently configured for 140Xi
Zebra 46616M 1 90Xi,140Xi,170Xi Refurb $90 $40 Xi LCD Display
Zebra 48155M 1 140Xi2 Refurb $200 $50 140Xi2 rewind assy (no clip/belt)
Zebra 48153-4M 140Xi2 Refurb $84 $30 140Xi2 Media Supply Hangar
Zebra 46198M Xi2 (except 220) Refurb $75 $40 DC Stepper Motor w 203dpi Pulley
Zebra 49398M 1 Pax2/Pax3 $220 $100 Pax2 Control Panel w/cable (49603)
Zebra Kit 1 Pax2/Pax3/Pax4 $50 $25 Ribbon Spindle Gear Set (LH or RH) Includes 49394M, 49319M
Zebra Kit 2 Pax2/Pax3 $150 $60 170Pax2/3 RH Holddown Assembly. Includes 49099M, 49444, 49221M, 49645, 49073
Zebra Kit 1 Pax2/Pax3 $260 $100 Stepper Motor Assembly with bracket and 300dpi pulley (Right Hand) Includes 46196M, 49857M, 49257, 49134, 49879
Zebra Kit 1 Pax2/Pax3 $160 $75 DC Motors Assembly with bracket (Right Hand) Includes 49310M, 49239M, 49311, 49320, 49078, 49648
Zebra 30515 1 Z105 $ $50 LED Light Board
Zebra 1 Z105 $ $75 LCD Display
Zebra 30542 1 Z105 $ $50 Power Board
Zebra 1 Z105 $ $50 Membrane keyboard
Zebra 35813 1 Z105 $ $100 Z105 Main Logic Board
Sato RH1740700 1 M8400Rve $149 $75 LCD Display and cable set
Sato RJ2741000 1 M8400Rve $326 $100 Keypad and cable (RH1742000)
Sato 11S000136 1 M8400Rve $1250 $250 Parallel interface board
Sato KA500831A 1 M8400Rve $400 $150 Power unit with cables, plug and switch
Sato GH000811A 1 M8400Rve $595 $200 Printhead and head assembly (incl. PA3740402, PR4740402, PB0740300, and RH1775201)
Sato Kit 1 M8400Rve $263 $100 Includes PR7740200 Label sensor assy, RH1741300 paper out switch, RH1740500 head open sensor, and RH1740400 ribbon sensor
Sato RH1741400 1 M8400Rve $282 $100 Stepper motor
Sato PE1740100, PB0740401 1 M8400Rve $50 $25 Head foot assembly (2 feet with shaft)

In addition to the parts above, we have a complete CAB Apollo 3 printer suitable as a parts doner. It appears
to have a label sensor issue but powers up and has a functioning motor. Model# 5534800.

Please call 800-275-0828 to order or for additional information

Last updated 10/9/2014