UL/CSA Labeling Solutions

Does Priddy Sales offer UL/CSA approved label solution products?

As shown below, we offer several different solutions to meet your needs.

What are some “typical” applications?

Automotive, asset marking, computer, lawn & garden, electronics, lab equipment, appliances, plumbing, motorized products, gas and fuel burning, archiving, and handheld tools.

ul-labels-2 ul-labels

Application: Pre-printed UL/CSA labels

Whether the project is small (hundreds) or large (thousands to millions) we offer 22 different UL constructions and 13 different CSA constructions to fit your requirements with ship points all over the USA.

Application: Variable print UL/CSA labels for hand application

Priddy Sales offers many low cost label printer and software options for on-demand labeling printing. In addition, we stock over a hundred different UL and CSA approved media (label and ribbon) combinations.

Application: Label applicators for UL/CSA labels

Working with Universal Labeling Systems, we offer apply only (pre-printed) or print-and-apply (variable print) solutions for any semi-automatic or automatic “inline” project.

ul-labels-4 ul-labels-3