Wine Bottle Labeling

Bottle Labeling for the Wine and Beverages IndustryBottle Labeling Solutions for the Wine Industry

How can I save money for my wine manufacturing company?

Priddy Sales offers numerous bottle labeling solutions for small and large volume productions.



Application: Plain paper labeling of bottles

Gluefast Label Pro 5.5
By-Hand Bottle Labeling of Wine Bottles
gluer using GF97 label glue. This combination creates a corduroy pattern of glue to the
back of the paper label for the user to hand apply resulting in double the number of labels glued per gallon versus
a solid glue pattern.

Application: Pressure sensitive labeling of bottlesUniversal R310 Front and Back Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeling


Application: Short run of custom labels for bottlesCustom Bottle Labeling Wine Bottle Sample Labels

Need a short run of as little as 100 labels? Need 4 color process? Want to skip die and plate charges? Variable imaging of data or graphics? We can do that! Priddy Sales offers digitally printed 4 color process custom labels in a wide variety of sizes, adhesives, laminates, and UV coatings. Click here for an online quote or call us today to discuss your project.


Application: Case enclosure for shippingBottle Case Closing Hotmelt Glue

The Surebonder PRO2-220 hot melt glue gun using 711R10 sticks will get the job done! With excellent control and throughput, this combination will seal your medium to large boxes in a matter of seconds.