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Cohesive Products BD425 General Purpose Rubber Toughened Methacrylate Adhesive in 490ml Cartridges (10:1 Ratio) - Case of 12
 Each cartridge comes with a static mixing nozzle 
 BD425  is a  two part methacrylate  s  bonding  adhesive designed for the structural  bonding of  various substrates, including fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and  various plastics (not  low energy surfaces).  Comb ined at a ratio of 1  BD425  has a working time of  25  to  35  minutes and achieves nearly 90 perc ent of its ultimate strength in  50  to  8  minutes at room  temperature curing.  BD425  provides high streng th bonds to  the above reference surfaces  with generally no preparation effort.  BD425  bonds very strongly to steel, stainless steel,  and aluminum metals. 
 Product features: 
Combined at a 10:1 mix ratio, non-sagging, and thixotropic formulation
Excellent impact, peel and shear resistance
No surface preparation with excellent durability
Cream color when dispensed; additional color options available upon request.
 Call 800-275-0828 for TDS/SDS and other size availability 
 Excellent alternative to ITW Plexus MA425, ASI MP55425, SciGrip SG300-40 
 Price is per case of 12 cartridges and nozzles

Cohesive Products BD425 Methacrylate Adhesive in 490ml Cartridges Case of 12

SKU: BD425-490ml
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