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Linx LC8520 Black IJ Ink (365ml Canister) 
    For use with Linx IJ375 Large Character Case Coder   
  Ink type: Oil-based 
Color: Black 
Drying time: < 1 second 
Suitable for Porous substrates – including wood, paper, cardboard, and ceramics 
  Linx inks for Large Character Marking are formulated specifically for use in Linx printers to ensure performance and reliability.  They are manufactured to certified and verifiable ISO 9001 quality procedures.  Each ink canister has a unique ink code to ensure compatibility and performance and has a  use-by  date which guarantees performance throughout its shelf-life.

Linx LC8520 Black IJ Ink (365ml Canister)

SKU: FA38520/1T
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