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Tach-It BLA-110 Label Applicator for Heavy Bags and Pouches


This system utilizes our wipe-on label technology to create a table top machine that will automatically feed and label these products consistently and quickly.  This unique machine has touch control with dwell timer for exact label placement and heavy duty construction for years of reliable service.  Utilizing a vacuum pickup system to feed the bags, the operator feeds the product to be labeled into a hopper and the vacuum feed system presents the products to the side conveyor which quickly feed them through the unit.  It is perfect for pharmaceuticals, medical packaging, food service, retail and for packagers utilizing barrier bags, vacuum bags and heavy bags and pouches.


The BLA-110 can accept products up to 8" wide x 13.5" long and labels up to 4.75" wide x 11.25" inches long.


Automatic Wipe-On Label Applicator for heavy pouches and bags. Applies the label to the top surface of the product. Has built in adjustable speed, high friction side conveyor. Unique vacuum system feeds bags or pouches from hopper into side conveyor. Touch Panel controls includes dwell setting for exact label placement on the package. Stepper motor reliability. Non-contact technologically advanced controls and label sensors. Perfect for pharmaceuticals, medical packaging, coffee bags, food service, retail, and for packages using vacuum bags and heavy duty bags and pouches. Small table top design and fully portable. No special operator training or tools needed. Easy to use and setup.


Machine length - 30"; width - 18"; height 27"

Air pressure - up to 80 psi

Labels need to be wound out on 3" core, up to 12" OD rolls Power - 110 volt

Call 800-275-0828 to discuss the application and receive a formal quote.

Tach-It BLA-110 Automatic Label Applicator for Pouches and Bags

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