Who is Universal Labeling Systems?

Who is Universal Labeling Systems?

Universal Labeling Systems is the largest manufacturer of made-to-order pressure sensitive labelers in North America. All systems are designed and built in their St. Petersburg, Florida facility. From simple semi-automatic bottle labelers to automatic print-and-apply contract packaging inline systems every machine meets their trademark high standards.

Do they stand behind their machines?

Every standard or custom system comes with a 30 day performance guarantee. If your labeling machinery does not perform as stated they will take the machine back and reimburse you in full. In addition, all labelers comes with a 1 year warranty against against defect in material or workmanship.

How does Priddy Sales Company fit in?

All Universal equipment is sold, serviced, and supported by an authorized distributor. Priddy Sales has been a factory trained distributor since 1988. In 2017 we were the largest volume distributor in the western USA and 3rd overall. We are also proud to be the ONLY top five distributor in four different decades! Like Universal, we take every project serious regardless of size or budget. We make sure that every client is quoted the right system for today, tomorrow, and the future. In addition, we have two full time machine technicians on staff for onsite or no cost offsite support.

How long do the labelers last?

Unique to their industry, Universal DOES NOT obsolete equipment. With an in-house machine shop they are able to stock or quickly fabricate any system part. All CAD drawings and machine serial numbers are electronically stored for when parts are needed.

How do I purchase these systems?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Options

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Options

What is thermal transfer ribbon?

Thermal transfer ribbon is a consumable used for most label or tag printing applications. The printing process is heat transfer from ink coated ribbon to paper or synthetic material. These ribbons are available in different sizes and formulations for a perfectly media match. Some options have scratch, smudge and chemical resistance. Our thermal transfer ribbons work with ALL makes and model printers from Zebra, Honeywell (Datamax/Intermec), Sato, CAB, Monarch, Printronix, and more!

Which ribbon is best for my media?

  • Wax ribbon – uncoated or coated paper and tags
  • Wax/resin ribbon – polypropylene (BOPP / Kimdura), polyethylene (PE / Valeron), and polyolefin (Tyvek)
  • Resin – polyester (PET), polyimide (Kapton), polystyrene, and vinyl

Are there any other special ribbon formulations?

Are any of these ribbons certified?

Yes…we offer ribbons that are certified for GHS, UL, CSA, and the FDA.

What is the shelf life for thermal transfer ribbon?

All thermal transfer ribbons have an indefinite shelf life in normal indoor storage.

How do I purchase these ribbons?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote. Free testing or samples can also be provided for approval.

Partite Methacrylate Structural Adhesives

Partite Methacrylate Structural Adhesives

What is a MMA (methyl methacrylate)?

It is a two-component structural bonding adhesive for adhering metals, plastics, and composites. They are typically formulated in 1:1 or 10:1 ratios. The adhesive is most commonly dispensed by handheld manual, pneumatic, or rechargeable battery guns through a static mixing nozzle. Other methods are automatic or semi-automatic meter-mix-dispensing solutions.

What materials can be bonded with methacrylate?

  • Metal surfaces – aluminum, stainless steel, plated steel, galvanized metal, cold rolled steel, and magnets
  • Plastics and composites – plexiglass, carbon fiber, PVC, fiberglass, PBT, PPO, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, Teflon, polypropylene, FRT, polyurethane, RIM, polyesters, acrylics, and styrene
  • Other materials – solid surface, granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, wood, epoxy, gelcoats, and nylon

What are some advantages vs. using epoxy?

  • No surface cleaning required
  • Increased “green” strength during initial cure
  • Multiple packaged sizes (50ml, 200ml, 380ml, 400ml, 490ml, and 18 kg)
  • Broad range of working/fixturing time options
  • Great flexibility during shock, thermal expansion, and contraction
  • Better gap fill
  • Better peel strength and less prone to cracking
  • Larger variety of substrates can be bonded with the same product
  • Better resistance to chemicals or environment
  • Cures at room temperature; no heat necessary to create bond

Are any of these adhesives UL certified or UV stable?

Yes. Several Partite formulations are UL certified and/or UV stable!

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Low Cost Front and Back Labeling Options

Low Cost Front and Back Labeling Options

For smaller projects or growing businesses, labeling the FRONT and BACK of products can sometimes be cost prohibitive. We solve that problem by offering semi-automatic labeling equipment options for round, square, or oval containers at speeds of up to 25 products per minute. These low cost USA built machines can bridge the gap until demand increases to fully automatic labelers. Some popular applications are water bottles, liquor, wine, sauces, candles, buckets, F-style, cosmetics, lotions, and deli cups.

One requirement of these applications is having the labels alternate on the web (front, back, front, back, etc.) The front-back labeling of round products is a single step process! For square or oval products, the bottle must be flipped between applies. As a full service provider, we also offer fast turnaround on custom printed labels.

Round Product Labelers



Square or Oval Product Labelers


How do I purchase these machines?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Quadrack Hot Melt Glue Sticks

For years, 3M has required purchasing their Quadrack “ridged” 5/8 inch diameter x 8 inches long hot melt glue sticks when using the Polygun TC or EC applicators. Thanks to the folks at Surebonder, we now offer significantly lower priced offset sticks that work perfectly in the aforementioned glue guns. These sticks are made in the USA and can be used for a large variety of applications!


  • Low temperature for heat sensitive materials
  • Light tan color
  • 5 second fast set bond
  • Great for foam, POP displays, and fabrics
  • Offset to 3M 3762LMQ sticks


  • High temperature
  • Tan color
  • 15 second hot tack bond
  • Great for woodworking and carton sealing
  • Offset to 3M 3762Q sticks


  • Multi-purpose for high or low temperature use
  • Clear color
  • 60 second bond
  • Great for paper, wood, cardboard, electrical potting, carpet set seams, floral, and crafts
  • Offset to 3M 3792Q sticks

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

On-Demand Color Labels



What methods are available?

“On-demand” color thermal transfer printing is a great way to differentiate your product while eliminating waste. 1 or 2 color printers are available for branding, lot coding, inventory management, and GHS compliance. These printers can also be integrated with semi-automatic and inline automatic label applicators. All of this is accomplished with high quality color thermal transfer ribbons!

What ribbon colors are available?

Wax for paper labels

Wax/resin for polypropylene or polyolefin labels

Resin for polyester or vinyl

What are some typical applications?

Color labels are commonly used in GHS drum labeling, food manufacturing, medical equipment, pharmaceutical identification, automotive components, and outdoor labeling.

How do I purchase these ribbons?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your project and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Hot Melt Spray Applications

Spray grade hot melt adhesives are perfect for temperature-sensitive materials, such as plastic foams and films. Spraying allows for a wider area of adhesion, for improved bond strength on weaker substrates when compared with bead dispensing. These systems are solvent-free and non-toxic, so there are none of the environmental problems often associated with spray guns. We proudly distribute the market leader Power Adhesives for these products!

Dispensing Options

Hot Melt Options

Other Advantages

  • Narrow, medium, and wide nozzle options available
  • Optional workstation with mount, foot control, and timer
  • Hot melt has indefinite shelf life with no special shipping or storage requirements
  • No adhesive waste; any unused hot melt will re-melt the next time

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Syringe Labeling Systems

Syringe Labeling Systems


What methods are available?

Syringes do not typically work well in “run-of-mill” labeling systems. With the help of Universal, we offer custom built semi-automatic or inline automatic equipment to label at speeds up to 60 products per minute. These machines can also be designed for pre-printed or print-and-apply applications.

Semi-automatic options:

  • R-310 labeler with custom syringe product carriage and product stop
  • Available print-and-apply via “loose-loop” or print engine

Automatic (inline) options:

  • High speed labeling with indexing roller conveyor
  • Available multi-headed system for labeling syringe luer and barrel
  • Available print-and-apply via print engine

How do I purchase one?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss the project and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Datco Hot Melt Roll Coater Options

Datco Hot Melt Roll Coater Options

Hot melt roll coaters are used for applying hot melt adhesive to leather, plastics, paper, board, foam, and many other materials. Since 1995 Datco, Inc. has offered quality coating equipment to fit a variety of budgets and applications. These industrial machines are all built by hand in Kingston Springs, TN. All Datco roll coaters are designed for years of maintenance free use. Just plug it in, set the temperature, and turn it on! When it is up to temperature, the motor is enabled, and you are ready to start!

Basic Hot Roll Series

  • Available in 6” and 12” widths
  • Analog temperature controls
  • Single speed (30 RPM) motor


Hot Roll Series

  • Available in 6”, 12”, and 18” widths
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Variable adjustable speed motor
  • (Optional) Hold down roll and pick bar/picks
  • (Optional) Cart and table mounted models

Big Roll Series

  • Available in 6”, 12”, and 18” widths
  • 4.5” diameter applicator roller
  • Larger glue reservoir for increased production
  • (Optional) Magnetic hold down system
  • (Optional) Cart and table mounted models

How do I purchase these machines?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Price Increase for Labels

Like death and taxes, label price increases are inevitable! We have proudly held our prices for the last 6 years, but unfortunately the time has come. All custom labels quotes will be updated upon order placement. Any change to “stock” labels will also be quoted and/or updated on our website. Please note that Priddy Sales is continually working to minimize these increases through efficiency and volume.

Below are some examples to further explain the necessary change:

  • Boise is converting one of their machines currently making pressure-sensitive liner paper over to make liner board products. They provide 30% of the liners used in North America so this change will have a significant impact on availability and cost.
  • Appvion Paper, which is a major supplier of face stock material, filed for bankruptcy protection on October 2nd.
  • A major supplier of a direct thermal top coating component was shuttered by the Chinese government for pollution issues and is estimated to be idle for 4 to 5 months. The plant produces about 35% of the component used by the world in DT face sheets.
  • Raw material increases from suppliers like Mactac, UPM Raflatac, Acucote, Spinnaker Coating, Stratatac, and Avery-Dennison.

Priddy Sales Company looks forward to helping you with your future labeling projects and will continue to provide you the best value for your money in supplies and service.