Fugitive Hot Melt Glue

Fugitive Hot Melt Glue

Fugitive hot melt is commonly known as peelable, pouch seal, credit card, booger, or removable glue. It is clear and produces medium tack between the substrates. No residue or mess is left behind when removed like with double-sided tape and other hot melts. This product can be also dispensed in multiple forms and temperatures.

Where would I have seen this product used?

When you receive a new credit card in the mail, it is the thin strip of glue you find attached to the back.

What are some other applications?

Fugitive glue us typically used for creating floral bouquets, crafts, attaching business cards, mass mailing of magazines, samples, or coupons. It also can be used to bond paper, plastic, cardboard, metals, vinyls, and glass.

Fugitive is available in 3 forms:

      1. Glue dots or dabs with several strength variations.
      2. 1.5 ounce cartridges dispensed using a specialized hot melt glue gun
      3. Small bricks for bulk dispensing systems


Top & Bottom Labeling Systems

Top & Bottom Labeling Systems

Did you know that there are a variety of methods for top and bottom inline labeling applications? The three most common solutions are interrupted, hugger, or split belt conveyors. The type is chosen by the relationship between the product’s contact surface and bottom label. Call us at 800-275-0828 to receive a no obligation system quote!

These machines work on a variety of cosmetic, electronics, personal healthcare, baked goods, produce, and confectioneries. The top is typically the prime label and the bottom an ingredients label. The containers themselves can be labeled as round, flat, or indented. Print-and-apply options are also available!


Interrupted Belt Applications: shrink wrapped trays rectangular or elongated boxes, and clamshells



Hugger Belt Applications: drink bottles, ice cream sandwiches, small jars, pralines, and vitamins




Split Belt Applications: frozen foods, meat trays, packaged cakes or cookies, and bags

Better than Tape or Staples: Using Hot Melt for Packaging Applications

Better than Tape or Staples: Using Hot Melt for Packaging Applications

Hot melt is often the perfect choice for packaging applications. Whether being dispensed by gun or bulk system, it forms a stronger, more flexible, and less expensive bond than carton sealing tape. It also do not have any adverse chemical effect on the substrates being packed, unlike solvent based adhesives. Moreover, by using hot melt, box printed graphics are not covered up with tape or staples.

The most common packaging project is case sealing. Priddy Sales offers a multitude of gluing options for small or large boxes as well as low temperature formulations for sensitive materials. For coated boxes, the stronger bonding Surebonder 735 gets the job done!

Another overlooked application is the building of point-of-sale and point-of-purchase displays. Tecbond 214 is the industry standard providing a fast and economical solution.

For large volume production projects we recommend using a spray grade hot melt. The Tecbond Spraytec line has options for specialty packaging, pallet stabilization, protective foams, and wrap around cartons.

Some other benefits:

      • Less expensive and faster to apply than box/case sealing tape
      • Offers a tamper-proof seal for extra product security
      • Available in a wide variety of bond times and strengths
      • Lower temperature options for delicate or expensive items
      • Indefinite shelf life; use it when you need it

Low Cost Digital Labels for Smaller Projects

For years, short run (under 100,000) 4-color process labels HAD to be flexo press printed which required expensive dies and plates. The future is here with digital press printing technology! With quantities as low as 100 labels, shorter lead-times, and no plates or dies; you will save BIG.

Digital printing allows for ANY shaped label up to 8.7” wide with an unlimited amount of colors. That means any shape, no matter how complicated, can be produced literally at the speed of light by laser-cutting the labels; even with perforations. In addition, multiple SKU or versions of the same label can be piggybacked to take advantage of volume pricing.

Do you have a new label project but don’t where to start? Our trained staff are here to guide you through the entire label design process. From label and adhesive material selection, to optional artwork design assistance, and free digital proofs, we make the process easy!

Some examples of digital print jobs are:

  • High Color Labels
  • Short to Medium Runs
  • Unique Shapes
  • Test Production Runs
  • Durable Labels
  • Promotional Labels

Real Value for Mobile Label Printing

The Zebra P-series and Intermec PB-series mobile printers are typically clipped to the user’s hip; providing a good portable direct thermal or thermal transfer printing solution. What is commonly overlooked is the exorbitant cost of consumables? Based on a recent query we found companies paying 10 TIMES more for the exact same labels and ribbons vs. a desktop label printer.

For warehouse applications where the user is labeling boxes for a cart or pallet, there is a better alternative! The small footprint CAB EOS1 and EOS4 have an optional battery pack to print up to 1000 shipping or ID labels per two hour charge. The REAL SAVINGS comes from these printers using industry standard 3” core labels and 1” core ribbons.


The printing process can be accomplished by doing the following :

  1. Loading the label formats into the printer and selecting the label/quantity from the screen.
  2. Plugging in a user pre-loaded USB key with the label formats
  3. Sending the print jobs via WLAN or Bluetooth
  4. Plugging in a USB barcode scanner to select and print the label from a work order.

Some of the other benefits of these printers over the “typical” mobile printers are:

  • Much faster printing speeds (up to 5” per second)
  • Optional USB connected accessories: barcode scanner or keyboard
  • All wear or replacement parts are easily installed in the field.

Labeler for New Project or Start Up Company

Congratulations on the new venture or product endeavor!  Whether your market is food, beverage, cosmetic, medical, or durable goods product packaging is important.  A differentiating look on the shelf could be just what you need to increase exposure and sales.  However it can also sometimes spell disaster for medium to large volume production labeling.

That odd shaped bottle that looks so cool might become an expensive albatross to label.  Before finalizing your bottle choice, we recommend that you contact us first.  A single small detail could be have a $5,000 – $50,000 difference in equipment pricing.  Our trained staff are here to be a guide and offer prompt no obligation labeling system quotes.

Below are examples of products that traditionally require more expensive labeling solutions:

1.Crescent shaped labels on tapered containers

2.Any compound surface containers

3.Poor quality plastic or glass containers

4.Clear labels on translucent containers

Sato AI-6800 1D Linear CCD Scanner with 6 ft USB Cable

In a world with a multitude of 1D barcode scanner options, the Sato AI-6800 “Eagle Eye” stands above. At only $91.50 each, this linear CCD scanner is built for retail, pharmacy, healthcare, warehouse, inventory, logistics, and manufacturing applications.

Some of its class leading features are:

  • 6′ USB connection cable
  • A 3-year warranty with 6′ drop resistance.
  • A bright aimer with excellent scan accuracy for 3 mil or larger bar codes.
  • The ability to read all 1D barcode symbologies up to 700 scans/sec
  • 6′ USB cable to “plug-and-play” with many hardware and operating systems when used as a keyboard wedge or USB Virtual COM.
  • A tough IP65 seal with cold weather performance down to -4 degrees F.
  • Create a custom data stream using the Data Magic software; affording full control over the scanner’s processing ability to read all scanned data, but output only what data is needed.
  • Read barcodes in direct sunlight or down to a 15% contrast level.
  • Optional stand for hands-free scanning.


B-TEC 807 Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

The demand for wireless rechargeable tools has been steadily increasing for years. Whether the application is manufacturing, construction, auto-body repairs, or small hobby projects, the Power Adhesives B-TEC 807 delivers!

Using a RYOBI 18V 1.5Ah lithium+ power tool system, this glue gun heats up in 3 minutes and can be fully recharged in just 60 minutes. The onboard 4-stage gauge indicates to the user how much battery life is left. The tool also uses industry standard 7/16” (12mm) diameter sticks and can output up to 4 lbs. per hour. Other features include a constant 380 degree F temperature, narrow profile with extension nozzle, soft fatigue reducing grip, and a 1 year warranty.

The B-Tec 807 can be purchased as a complete kit, by itself, or with just the carrying case.

C-205 Hot Stamp Label Imprinting

Universal C-205 Hot Stamp Imprinter

Quite often pre-printed labels need to be lot or date coded as they are being applied. The Universal C-205 hot stamper is a bolt-on labeling system accessory for synchronously imprinting or embossing this information onto the label. This allows the end-user to meet current FDA standards whether the labeling application is semi-automatic or “inline” automatic.

Some of the benefits of this machine are:

  • An adjustable type chase that can accept alphanumeric characters from 6pt to 42pt
  • Hot stamp imprint ribbon that only advances the amount that is imprinted
  • A process that is less messy and durable than typical ink coding equipment
  • The option for an alternating code on front-back labeling projects

Tire Adhesive Options

If you have ever pulled off a tire identification label you know the adhesive is very tacky. This is necessary due to being such a difficult substrate to bond. Unfortunately, this same aggressive adhesive when die-cut can sometimes ooze out during thermal transfer printing causing premature print head wear. The same can happen to a labeler tamp head if being auto-applied.

To resolve this issue, Priddy Sales along with Sato America recently developed a comprehensive dry edge feature during the manufacturing process that encompasses the entire label. This allows the label to fully cure on the surface and not abrasively attack printers or applicators.

Call us today to receive test samples and a quote for your tire label application.