Universal R-310 Labeler with Auto Eject

How do I speed up labeling of small diameter containers or sleeves?

The optional “auto-eject” feature on the Universal R-310 labeler can increase labeling throughput by 25%.  This accessory automatically air ejects the labeled product from the carriage or mandrel.  Quite often our customers will either option or build a custom chute to move the products to a box.  By eliminating the need to remove the product, the user can complete larger jobs in less time.
How does it work?

For vials or bottles, the air cylinder becomes the bottles stop.  The user places each bottle in the products carriage and taps a foot switch.  The adjustable pneumatic carriage rises to the drive roller and the product is labeled.  After labeling, the carriage retracts and the product is instantly ejected to the open ended left side.  For tubes, the process is similar except each product is loaded onto a custom mandrel.  The air eject can be adjusted (for all applications) to fine tune exactly how far you want the product thrown.

Warehouse Labels and Signs

Warehouse Labels and Signage

Did you know that Priddy Sales is a full-service warehouse label and placard installation source?

We have a unique understanding of warehouse operations, barcode scanning and label production to help you install a customized barcode warehouse label solution. Each project is different with facility, staff, Go Live date ,and budget variables. We accommodate by proving custom warehouse signs and labels designed for each specific application.


What are some of the benefits?

Initial Consultation

Analysis of your facility’s needs and requirements throughout the United States so that we print and install the labels in the most economical method. We will provide guidance and ideas throughout the entire process

Complete Install & Project Management

Our team has the graphic design and production expertise to handle any needs. We will work with you to ensure the end product meets the precise requirements.

Custom Signs & Placards

Our custom warehouse signage solutions provide a consistent look to streamline aisle identification and ensure efficient location of products.

Warehouse Labeling

Options available include labels for use on racking, shelves, floors, pallets, freezers, and totes/containers.  We can even provide cover-up labels to use over existing labeling or signs.

Warehouse Signage

Aisle, hanging, barcode, dock door, rack load, facility, and safety sign options are available. Materials include paper labels, metal signage, as well as magnetic signage.

More Information

If you would like more information about how we can help you with your warehouse project, please download and fill out this form (Warehouse Project Info Request [pdf]) and send it to us at sales@priddysales.com.

Bench Machine Repair

Bench Machine Repair

Do you have a printer, print-engine, label applicator, or gluer that needs repairs?

We can help! Priddy Sales is an excellent choice for reviving old or broken equipment. For a nominal fee, we will evaluate and quote the necessary parts & labor to get your machine running like new.

What is the process?

      1. Contact us at 800-275-0828 to obtain a RMA#.
      2. Send the machine to our facility in Fort Worth, Texas for a standard $60 bench evaluation.
      3. Upon receipt, our factory trained staff will promptly clean and examine the equipment
      4. All necessary parts and labor will be quoted for your approval.

What equipment brands does Priddy Sales service?

  • CAB Printers
  • GlueFast Gluers
  • GoDex Printers
  • Label Accessories Label Rewinders and Unwinders
  • Potdevin Gluers
  • SATO Thermal Printers and Print Engines
  • Take-A-Label Label Dispensers and Applicators
  • Tharo Printers and Label Applicators
  • Universal Labeling Systems
  • Zebra Thermal Printers and Print Engines

Advent 200 Hot Melt Plain Paper Labeler


Advent 200 Hotmelt Plain Paper Labeler

Did you know that not all round product labelers require pressure-sensitive labels?
For years there has been an alternative solution using plain paper labels. It comes in the form of the Advent 200 machine.

How does it work?

  1. Hot melt glue pellets/chips are added to the internal reservoir. The user flips the heater button on and the glue becomes a liquid.
  2. A stack of 300 plain paper labels up to 8.5” wide are loaded in the feed tray.
  3. The operator places each bottle into the adjustable carriage and the label is applied. Labeling speeds of 40 products per minute are possible!

What are some unique features?

  1. Labeling round containers from 1” to 12” in diameter with simple changeover.
  2. Standard skip-glue pattern to securely attach the label with a minimal amount of adhesive.
  3. All electric design with wheeled cart for portability.
  4. Overhead pressure arm to insure proper adhesion.
  5. Performance guarantee with product testing.
  6. 2 year warranty and free phone/email support.
  7. All replacement parts in stock.
  8. Optional lug or handle label registration.

What kinds of bottles can be labeled?

Essentially any straight walled metal or plastic round product can be used. Even containers like paint cans with label placement between chimes can be easily labeled. 

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a formal quote!

Sato CLNX Series Thermal Printers

Sato CLNX Series Printers

Available in 4” and 6” wide configurations the Sato CLNX series is the barcode printer for the modern world. From multiple resolutions and RFID configurations to tool-less maintenance and a LCD color screen…this printer delivers at a great price!

What are some unique features?

  1. On-board videos for loading, using, and troubleshooting the printer.
  2. Certified integration with SAP Auto-ID infrastructure
  3. Best in class max 10” label rolls and 1968′ ribbons for less consumable changeover
  4. Built-in LAN, USB, Parallel, Serial, External I/O, and Bluetooth connectivity with optional WLAN
  5. Dual processors for fastest first label throughput.
  6. Label Tension Dampener System to control back-feed tension for on demand label applications, providing a proper and consistent label track.

Can the printer be swapped in for other brands in service?

Using the class leading standard on-board emulation the Sato CLNX auto detects and prints in place of competitive printers. This allow users to plug-and-play operation when switching from Sato legacy models or another brand of printer.

Why buy from Priddy Sales?

As a Sato “Premier Prestige” partner, we offer the best pricing and no charge support for the life of the printer. Rest assure that you will be working with a company that will provide the CORRECT solution for your application. Priddy Sales also has multiple USA ship points for label and ribbon consumables to save you freight costs.

Fugitive Hot Melt Glue

Fugitive Hot Melt Glue

Fugitive hot melt is commonly known as peelable, pouch seal, credit card, booger, or removable glue. It is clear and produces medium tack between the substrates. No residue or mess is left behind when removed like with double-sided tape and other hot melts. This product can be also dispensed in multiple forms and temperatures.

Where would I have seen this product used?

When you receive a new credit card in the mail, it is the thin strip of glue you find attached to the back.

What are some other applications?

Fugitive glue us typically used for creating floral bouquets, crafts, attaching business cards, mass mailing of magazines, samples, or coupons. It also can be used to bond paper, plastic, cardboard, metals, vinyls, and glass.

Fugitive is available in 3 forms:

      1. Glue dots or dabs with several strength variations.
      2. 1.5 ounce cartridges dispensed using a specialized hot melt glue gun
      3. Small bricks for bulk dispensing systems


Top & Bottom Labeling Systems

Top & Bottom Labeling Systems

Did you know that there are a variety of methods for top and bottom inline labeling applications? The three most common solutions are interrupted, hugger, or split belt conveyors. The type is chosen by the relationship between the product’s contact surface and bottom label. Call us at 800-275-0828 to receive a no obligation system quote!

These machines work on a variety of cosmetic, electronics, personal healthcare, baked goods, produce, and confectioneries. The top is typically the prime label and the bottom an ingredients label. The containers themselves can be labeled as round, flat, or indented. Print-and-apply options are also available!


Interrupted Belt Applications: shrink wrapped trays rectangular or elongated boxes, and clamshells



Hugger Belt Applications: drink bottles, ice cream sandwiches, small jars, pralines, and vitamins




Split Belt Applications: frozen foods, meat trays, packaged cakes or cookies, and bags

Better than Tape or Staples: Using Hot Melt for Packaging Applications

Better than Tape or Staples: Using Hot Melt for Packaging Applications

Hot melt is often the perfect choice for packaging applications. Whether being dispensed by gun or bulk system, it forms a stronger, more flexible, and less expensive bond than carton sealing tape. It also do not have any adverse chemical effect on the substrates being packed, unlike solvent based adhesives. Moreover, by using hot melt, box printed graphics are not covered up with tape or staples.

The most common packaging project is case sealing. Priddy Sales offers a multitude of gluing options for small or large boxes as well as low temperature formulations for sensitive materials. For coated boxes, the stronger bonding Surebonder 735 gets the job done!

Another overlooked application is the building of point-of-sale and point-of-purchase displays. Tecbond 214 is the industry standard providing a fast and economical solution.

For large volume production projects we recommend using a spray grade hot melt. The Tecbond Spraytec line has options for specialty packaging, pallet stabilization, protective foams, and wrap around cartons.

Some other benefits:

      • Less expensive and faster to apply than box/case sealing tape
      • Offers a tamper-proof seal for extra product security
      • Available in a wide variety of bond times and strengths
      • Lower temperature options for delicate or expensive items
      • Indefinite shelf life; use it when you need it

Low Cost Digital Labels for Smaller Projects

For years, short run (under 100,000) 4-color process labels HAD to be flexo press printed which required expensive dies and plates. The future is here with digital press printing technology! With quantities as low as 100 labels, shorter lead-times, and no plates or dies; you will save BIG.

Digital printing allows for ANY shaped label up to 8.7” wide with an unlimited amount of colors. That means any shape, no matter how complicated, can be produced literally at the speed of light by laser-cutting the labels; even with perforations. In addition, multiple SKU or versions of the same label can be piggybacked to take advantage of volume pricing.

Do you have a new label project but don’t where to start? Our trained staff are here to guide you through the entire label design process. From label and adhesive material selection, to optional artwork design assistance, and free digital proofs, we make the process easy!

Some examples of digital print jobs are:

  • High Color Labels
  • Short to Medium Runs
  • Unique Shapes
  • Test Production Runs
  • Durable Labels
  • Promotional Labels

Real Value for Mobile Label Printing

The Zebra P-series and Intermec PB-series mobile printers are typically clipped to the user’s hip; providing a good portable direct thermal or thermal transfer printing solution. What is commonly overlooked is the exorbitant cost of consumables? Based on a recent query we found companies paying 10 TIMES more for the exact same labels and ribbons vs. a desktop label printer.

For warehouse applications where the user is labeling boxes for a cart or pallet, there is a better alternative! The small footprint CAB EOS1 and EOS4 have an optional battery pack to print up to 1000 shipping or ID labels per two hour charge. The REAL SAVINGS comes from these printers using industry standard 3” core labels and 1” core ribbons.


The printing process can be accomplished by doing the following :

  1. Loading the label formats into the printer and selecting the label/quantity from the screen.
  2. Plugging in a user pre-loaded USB key with the label formats
  3. Sending the print jobs via WLAN or Bluetooth
  4. Plugging in a USB barcode scanner to select and print the label from a work order.

Some of the other benefits of these printers over the “typical” mobile printers are:

  • Much faster printing speeds (up to 5” per second)
  • Optional USB connected accessories: barcode scanner or keyboard
  • All wear or replacement parts are easily installed in the field.