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Tamper Seal Labeling

Counterfeit and stolen products account for a staggering market share. Imports of counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year, or around 2.5% of all global imports!

To combat this, many companies have turned to tamper sealing their boxes or products. The tamper evident label can be used as a warranty, authentication, or package closure seal. The labels can be as simple as a wafer seal or as advanced as on-demand serialization. These labels can be top, side, or corner applied with semi-automatic and inline automatic systems. All machines are designed and built to your specific application parameters with a performance guarantee!


• Label up to 30+ products per minute

• Great for smaller bottles or boxes

• Space saving portability

Inline Automatic

• Label up to 100+ products per minute

• Designed for larger products or multi-label applications

• In-feed product metering

• Synchronous apply during other labeling processes.

Recent example application

This system automatically applies tamper evident labels to the straight tuck ends of small cartons. The products automatically enter the side (hugger) belt system. As they are transported, the products are detected and a 1 inch clear label is wiped onto the closure side of the carton. They then pass through a secondary plough down mechanism that securely folds the label over on to the top panel of the carton.

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