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3.15" x 1181' Todaytec Datamax Black Wax Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon


For use in Datamax M, I, W, Allegro, Prodigy, or DMX class printers Ribbon on 1 inch core with wound ink IN. D080360101W is a general purpose wax bar code ribbon designed for wide print versatility, ANSI grade A bar codes and sharp text and graphics.


With it's abrasion resistance and outstanding backcoat technology, which produces a print head life of over 3 million linear inches, D102360101W is absolutely the right barcode ribbon for today's demanding and competitive market.



Shipping labels, retail tags, tickets, storage labels, warning labels, polybags.


Recommended Substrates:

Coated paper, plain paper, synthetic paper, tags, film (PE, PVC).


36 rolls per case

Price is per case

OEM #D080360101W

3.15" x 1181' Todaytec Datamax Black Wax TT Ribbon (36 Rolls)

SKU: D080360101W
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