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Surebonder 707R510 7/16"  (1/2")  x 10" Clear High Performance Hot Melt Glue Sticks - 5lb. Box
707R510 is a high performance hot melt adhesive for difficult substrates. Bonds to metal, plastics, ceramics, magnets, shells, wood, fabric, china, jewelry, painted surfaces, ABS, PVC, carpet, and some vinyls. Excellent bonding adhesive for porous and non porous materials.
Softening Point: 185F (85C)
Working Time: 40 seconds
Viscosity / Centipoise : 11,000 @ 356F
Color : Clear
Application temperature: 380F
 For use with 1/2" or 7/16" diameter high temp glue guns 
Price is per case of 5lbs. (Approximately 90 sticks)
Suggested for use in Surebonder  Hybrid 120 ,  Pro2-60 ,  PRO2-80 ,  PRO2-100 ,  PRO8000A ,  Pro2-220HT ,  PRO9700A , and  PRO2-220 .
Also can be used in  Ad Tech Pro100, Pro 200, HD350, Bostick TG4,  3M Polygun AE II, and  Loctite-Hysol 050A/050/050LT 
Click  here  for a data sheet.
  25lb. box also available

707R510 7/16 x 10 Clear High Perf Hot Melt Glue Sticks 5 lbs.

SKU: 707R510
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