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Surebonder 925R10 7/16″ (1/2″) x 10″ High Strength, High Performance Acrylic Clear Hot Melt Glue Sticks – 25lb. Box


Surebonder 925R10 is an unique high-performance adhesive specifically designed for adhering a variety of hard to bond substrates including: metal, plastic (polycarbonate, PVC, ABS, polystyrene, PET, polyurethane), concrete, nylon, leather, melamine, fabric, brick, stone, tile, rubber, foil, wood, vinyl, glass, carpet tack strips, flooring applications, and ceramic.


Allows a flexible open time of 60-80 seconds suitable for a wide range of applications and a quick bond for maximum productivity.


For use with 1/2″ or 7/16″ diameter high temp glue guns


Price is per case of 25lbs. (Approximately 450 sticks)


Suggested for use in Surebonder Hybrid 120, Pro2-60, PRO2-80, PRO2-100, PRO8000A, Pro2-220HT, PRO9700A, and PRO2-220.


Also can be used in Ad Tech Pro100, Pro 200, HD350, Bostick TG4, 3M Polygun AE II, and Loctite-Hysol 050A/050/050LT


Click here for a data sheet


5lb. boxes also available (call for pricing)

925R10 7/16" x 10" High Strength Acrylic Hot Melt Glue Sticks

SKU: 925R10
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Softening Point


    Working Time

    60-80 seconds

    Viscosity / Centipoise

    5,375 @ 375°F

    Flash Point

    Above 400°F

    Application temperature

    350°F – 390°F



    FDA Food Packaging Approval



    25 lbs.


    FPC Corporation

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