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Advent Model 200 Hotmelt Plain Paper Bottle Labeler with Wheeled Cart
Comes with overhead pressure arm assembly for lightweight containers to insure proper adhesion
The Advent Model 200 is packed with features that may not be easily noticed from first observation, but hidden beneath the tough chemical resistant ABS plastic cover is a labeling machine capable of satisfying the needs of the most discriminating buyer.
 You can say that you are using too much glue and there are raised rings around your container not to mention the glue that can be seen through the label itself. Problems solved–eliminate the majority of the glue on the label and you will eliminate these problems. The Advent 200 labeler does exactly that, by applying glue to only the ends of the label with its patented end gluing feature that requires no adjustments for different length label. The machine does it automatically. What’s more, this skip-glue feature is standard on the 200. Though Advent labelers are considerably less expensive than other comparable labelers on the market, quality and dependability are not sacrificed in the least. 
Applies labels to round containers from one ounce to one gallon.
Applies glue to the ends of the label or the whole label.
Automatically adjust glue pattern
Labels 20 to 40 containers per minute
Fast container size change with no change parts necessary.
Automatic label feed via standard large (approximately- 300 labels).
Capacity label hopper.
Machine stand with casters.
Includes 2 year warranty
 Container Specifications:  
Container Diameter: 1" to 12" OD
Label Size Minimum: .75" wide by 4" long
Label Size Maximum: 8.5" wide x 25" long
Machine Size: 20"W x 66"L x 36"H (50 cm x 66cm x 91cm.)
Electrical: 120 v 60 Hz, amp- 240 volt available.
 Call 800-275-0828 for pricing on optional inkjet code marking, foot pedal switch, dual hand safety switch, or label registration for lug/handle 
  Suggested hot melt for most applications

Advent Model 200 Hotmelt Plain Paper Labeler with Wheeled Cart

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