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Advent Model 301 Pressure Sensitive Manual "Hand Crank" Bottle Labeler
Manual Labeler that Requires No Electricity
Comes with overhead pressure arm assembly for lightweight containers to insure proper adhesion
Can label at speeds of 15 to 25 containers per minute and can out produce many labeling machines that are motor driven.
The Model 301 is hand driven by a four inch diameter crank wheel and therefore does not require electrical power.
Applies labels to round containers from one ounce to one gallon
Label 15 to 25 containers per minute.
Fast container size change with no change parts necessary
Comes with 2 year warranty
Container Diameter: 1" to 12" OD
Label Size Min: .75" wide by 1" long
Label Size Max: 8" wide x 20" long
Machine Size: 20"W x 26"L x 36"H (50 cm.x 66 cm.x 91 cm.)

Advent Model 301 Manual Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labeler

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