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Power Adhesives B-TEC 808 Cordless Glue Gun Only (Excluding Battery and Charger)


The new B-Tec 808 cordless glue gun offers unmatched glue output, durability, temperature control and portability.  When combined with Tecbond E-glues, the B-Tec 808 allows you to use hot-melts in a convenient, portable way.


Benefits: Portability : Up a ladder, indoors, outdoors with no power outlet required!

Eco mode setting : the B-Tec 808 features a new Eco setting which significantly extends run time for any given battery size

Multiple battery options : compatible with the Ryobi One + batteries, the B-Tec 808 can also take the most popular 18V branded batteries (Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee and Bosch Professional) just by using the appropriate Badaptor.  Call 800-275-0828 for pricing


Specially formulated adhesives : new Tecbond E-glues run especially well through the gun on Eco mode, helping you to maximize your available working time


Glue Gun Specs : Melt rate: up to 4.5 lbs. of glue sticks per hour

Glue size: 12mm (7/16") diameter glue sticks 3 minute warm-up time Voltage: 18-20V

Wattage: 150 watts

Self regulating heater

Temp control range: 380F with onboard Eco mode for reduced temperature and 30% extended battery

Maximum battery life of 3.5 hours

Weight: 1.2 lbs.


This glue gun runs at 195C (380F) in performance mode (indicated by the red light) and at a lower temperature in Eco mode (shown by the blue light).  Not only does this dual temperature feature allow users the opportunity to extend battery run time, it also allows the gun to modify the performance of the types of sticks being used. Running in Performance mode will maximize bond strength, increase working time with the substrates, and reduce the viscosity of the hot melt adhesive Running in Eco mode speeds up setting time, and increases viscosity for better gap-filling properties The B-Tec 808 melts the adhesive on demand: as much as needed, when it’s needed, with no downtime waiting for the glue to melt. This battery-powered tool works well with the full range of Tecbond adhesives, but we would recommend the following grades to maximize performance in Eco mode. Tecbond 5-12-300 - product assembly grade Tecbond 261-12-300 - high performance with long open time Tecbond 248-12-300 - high performance acrylic for bonding difficult materials The B-Tec 808 is designed to use the Ryobi One+ battery system which include batteries in various Amp Hour ratings. But it can easily be adapted to DeWalt® 18-20V, Makita ® , Milwaukee ® and Bosch ® Professional 18V batteries just by using the appropriate Badaptor.  Call 800-275-0828 for pricing.

B-TEC 808 Cordless Glue Gun Only (Excluding Battery and Charger)

SKU: 808-12-18V-T195-BR1-TEC
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