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Surebonder C-711 1" x 3" Packaging Hot Melt Glue Cartridges/Sticks for 3M Polygun II Guns - 35lb. Box
Hot melt adhesive for packaging and sealing cartons for medium to larger cartons. This adhesive has an excellent hot tack for fast and strong bond. Will bond to most porous materials including wood.
Softening Point: 208F (98C)
Working Time: 10 seconds
Viscosity / Centipoise : 3,800 @ 375F
Color : Tan
For use with 3M pneumatic (PG) Polygun II
 Price is per case of 35lbs.  Each case has approximately 420 sticks. 
Good alternative to  3M  3762   Scotch-Weld  
Click  here  for a data sheet.

C-711 1 x 3 Packaging Hot Melt Glue Sticks for 3M PG II Guns

SKU: C-711
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