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CAB S1000 "Real-Time" Print and Apply Labeling System
Together with the CAB SQUIX printer the S1000 applicator is a cost-effective solution for all dispensing printers in semi-automatic operation or when vertically integrated in a production line. The label is placed on the product with a stroke cylinder.
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1. Long service life: The ball-bearing guides are low-wearing.
2. Flexible product heights: With the stroke cylinder labeling is possible at different heights. Different stroke lengths are available.
3. Compressed air regulation unit: Micro filters prevent from contamination. The compressed air regulator ensures a permanent high quality of labeling.
4. High process reliability: Supporting air jet stream, induction air and stroke speed are adjustable.  For sensitive products and packaging the pressing force can be reduced to less than 10N (1kg). To avoid contamination, the vacuum holes are cleaned with air pressure after each labeling process.
5. Label sizes: Labels widths from 25 to 176 mm and heights from 25 to 200 mm can be processed.
6. Supporting air: Used for blowing the labels onto the pad
 7. Available tamp, blow pad, roll-on pad, all-around, and dispensing modules contingent upon application demands 
8. Pre-dispensing button - to test the labeling process. Pushing the button causes the label to be printed and held by the pad. Pushing the button again starts the labeling process.
 To comply with the manufacturer’s pricing policies for this product, we cannot show the discounted price online. 
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CAB S1000 Real-Time Print and Apply Labeling System

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