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CAB XD Q4/300 300dpi 2-Sided Thermal Transfer Printer


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XD Q series label printers are for printing on both sides of a material like textile labels, cables, and thermal transfer labels! The print mechanics and housings are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function. A wide range of peripherals and software enable specific customized solutions. 300 dpi if printing as wide as 105.7 mm Heating can be assigned separately to each print head. If printing only on the top of a material using print head 2, print head 1 is lifted by hand or automatically. Ribbons are removed or stopped by an electromechanical brake. An automated mechanics reducing the consumption of ribbon is provided on print head 1 when printing on the bottom of a material. While the material is fed, the print head is lifted and the ribbon stopped. Print images remain continuous when cutting or perforating at no backfeed. Multiple print jobs can be printed seamless and without loss of labels.


Optional 600dpi, CSQ cutters, and PSQ perforation cutters quoted upon request.


To comply with the manufacturer’s pricing policies for this product, we cannot show the discounted price online. Contact us by LIVE CHAT, call us at 800-275-0828, or email at for a formal quote

CAB XD Q4/300 300dpi 2-Sided Thermal Transfer Printer

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