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Candle-Stik Hot Melt Adhesive Bulk Glue Pellets (25lb. case)


Candle-Stik is a general purpose hot melt designed for bulk dispensing equipment commonly used to fixture candle wicks in containers prior to filling with wax.


Also good for bonding metal, plastic, glass and ceramic items. Candle-Stick is an easy to use "non-stringing" hot melt adhesive. 


 "Non-stringing" means that the glue does not leave a long stringy tail behind it when being applied.


25lb. box of bulk pellets


Price is per case


This product can also be used in dispensers like wheel coaters , skillets , or bulk dispensers.

Candle-Stik Hot Melt Adhesive Bulk Glue Pellets (25 lbs.)

SKU: Candle-Stik
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Weight (Per case)

    25 lbs.


    Cohesive Products

    Working Time

    30-40 Seconds

    Application Temperature

    250°F - 350°F


    Milky Amber

    FDA Food Packaging Approval


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