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Garvey 22-6 (1 Line 6 Bands) Price Marking Gun Labeler Starter Kit


Item # GKIT-22601


Garvey Starter Kit Model 22-6

Layout # 1601

One Line Labeler - prints up to 6 Characters

5 Rolls GX2212 White Blank and 5 Rolls GX2212 Red Blank Labels

Compatible Label: 22mm x 12mm

Band Layout #1601


Features: A New Design Ergonomic Handle with Rubberized Grip

Reinforced ABS Body with Steel Components

Easy Drop-in Loading Quick Change Ink Roller - New Design Built-In Instruction Illustration

Light weight design

Jam resistant operation

Self align feed mechanism

Comes with a lanyard


Call 800-275-0828 for large quantity discounts

Garvey 22-6 (1 Line 6 Bands) Price Marking Gun Starter Kit

SKU: GKIT-22601
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