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Gluefast Electric Top Side 4" Edge Gluer 
An easy-to-use, convenient, adjustable and precise adhesive system, The Gluefast Company's Top Side Edge Gluer is used to apply adhesive to paper, card, corrugated stock or binder board quickly and efficiently. The Top Side Edge Gluer features a fully enclosed gear motor, adjustable glue film and speed control, as well as trouble-free maintenance for heavy industrial use.
The machine glues any stock up to 1" thick and adjusts the glue film width from 1/8" to 3 1/2" so you can apply exactly the amount of adhesive desired. Adjustment of the glue film thickness is as Product as turning a knob. The standard motor speed control gives the operator greater flexibility and is particularly practical when edge gluing smaller pieces. Gluefast’s Top Side Edge Gluer has a large adhesive reservoir that holds more than 1 gallon (5 liters).
 Key Benefits of the Top Side Edge Gluer 
 Applies adhesive to the top edge of an item. 
 Easy and convenient to use. 
 Adjustable glue and speed control. 
 115 volts or 220 volts available 
 To comply with the manufacturer’s pricing policies for this product, we cannot show the discounted price online.  
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Gluefast Electric Top Side 4 Edge Gluer

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