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Gluefast GF1012U Multi-Purpose Hot Melt Bulk Glue Pillows


Gluefast GF1012U is a hot melt adhesive for many applications.  Case and carton sealing on coated stock, product assembly with low to moderate stress. Paper to paper, paper to plastic, paper to metal, plastic to plastic, metal to plastic, metal to metal applications. Labeling of various substrates including metal, glass and plastics.


Softening Point: 164F Working Time: Long Viscosity / Centipoise : 500 @ 325F (recommended application temperature)

Form: Pillows

The product ingredients comply with regulations for use in Food Packaging Adhesives as per regulation 175.105.


For use with hot melt bulk applicator equipment

Price is per case of 25 lbs.


Call 800-275-0828 for TDS, SDS information, and large volume discounts

Gluefast GF1012U Hot Melt Bulk Glue Pillows - 25 lbs

SKU: GF1012U
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