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Gluefast GF637P Water Based "Dextrin" Label Glue


GF 637P is a water based vegetable glue with good tack and long open time allowing for easy re-positioning. This replaces our GF 637U. It dries slowly and can be removed from the surface for up to 20 minutes after gluing. Ideal for gluing posters to most paper board stock.


APPLICATIONS: This is a high-performance, water-based product developed for a variety of applications. It exhibits very good machining characteristics.

FEATURES: Provides excellent lay flat, non-wrinkle characteristics with good penetration into board stock. It is a slow drying adhesive. This slow speed of set enables the operator to reposition the label when it has already been placed onto the board stock.

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Manual and electric table top label gluers such as those manufactured by Gluefast. May also be applied using a paint roller, however, care should be taken not to use too much adhesive which would result in considerable wrinkling. Gluing equipment should be cleaned daily for best results.


FDA STATUS: Ingredients comply with regulations for us in Food Packaging Adhesives as per regulation 175.105.

Gluefast GF637P Water Based "Dextrin" Label Glue

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