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Gluefast Label Pro 5.5E Electric Label Gluer (LPR5.5E)


The world’s most compact motorized label gluer!  It applies stripes of glue 1/8″ apart to labels up to 5.5″ wide. Impulse system turns motor on only when label is in gluer.


The Gluefast Company has recently improved this gluer by replacing the mechanical label detection device with a photo electric sensor! 


This small photo eye is placed under the cover of the gluer. 


When a label is fed into the gluer the photo-eye senses the label, sending a signal to a small PC board which then turns on the motor to power the gluer.  Unlike larger gluers this motorized gluer only turns on the motor when the label is detected.  Half-a-second after the label passes the photo eye the motor shuts off.


This helps improve the pot life of the glue, adding to the simplicity of this reliable gluer.

Used by many small wineries, craft brewers, and food producers, the Label Pro 5.5E motorized gluer applies glue to paper labels up to 5.5” wide, any length.


The standard Label-Pro applies a corduroy pattern of glue to the back of the label resulting in double the number of labels glued per gallon versus a solid glue pattern. A corduroy pattern of adhesive is applied across the entire label, reducing adhesive consumption by up to 50%.


Generally, the Label Pro 5.5 Label gluer is most efficient for short to medium run labeling jobs and exceptionally great for applying glue to labels for application to cartons, cans or bottles.


For small wineries, breweries, cosmetics, spices, teas or chemicals the Label Pro 5.5 gluer can be used to apply glue to labels neatly.


Key Benefits of the Label Pro 5.5 include:

  • Thin film with no glue oozing from the edge of the label
  • Easy to fill, empty, and clean
  • Operates well even when almost empty of glue
  • Sturdy construction that will not slide or tip over
  • Ideal for short runs and special jobs
  • Portability with 7.5″ x 7.5″ space requirement




To comply with the manufacturer’s pricing policies for this product, we cannot show the discounted price online.


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Gluefast Label Pro 5.5E Electric Label Gluer (LPR5.5E)

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