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Linx 10 Portable CIJ (Inkjet) Printer for Date or Batch Coding
The Linx 10 is an easy to set up and Product to use small character Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer designed for printing best before dates, batch coding, and barcodes on to slow and medium speed production lines. It prints up to 4 lines of text, symbols, barcodes, and numbers with a print quality superior to other entry-level inkjet coders.
 Quick and easy to set up on new lines with minimal training required 
 Compact, and lightweight portable design; easily re-positioned between lines 
 Can be mounted on conveyor, portable wheeled stand, or fixed mount 
  Non MEK dye based ink only; need only one ink type for Linx 10 to mark all materials!  
 Linx PrinterNet enabled- remote monitoring and control of Linx 10 printers via a secure, cloud-based service 
 High Quality Printing – Excellent print quality for contrast and print readability 
 Stainless steel construction with IP55 rating 
 Prints text, symbols, and numbers 
 Bold character printing 
 Rotated character (tower) printing 
 Variable character height and width 
 Product image message selection 
 Graphics and Logos can be imported into the printer as files via USB port 
 Automatic formats for printing dates 
  Download the datasheet here  
  Call 800-275-0828 for pricing and available options

Linx 10 Portable CIJ (Inkjet) Printer for Date or Batch Coding

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