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Surebonder P-708 1.75" x 1.75" Hot Melt POLYSHOT Adhesive Slugs  for Loctite Hysol 175 Series Guns - 35lb. Box
A high strength flexible hot melt adhesive. Excellent for carpet backing. Resists cracking at low temperatures and rigid enough to prevent "smiling".
Softening Point: 185F
Working Time: 40 seconds
Viscosity / Centipoise : 5,600 @ 375F
Color : Tan
For use with Henkel Loctite 2040430 EQ HM22, Loctite Hysol 175, 175-AIR, and 175-AIR-HT glue guns. Also can be used in Dexter Hysol 4000, Dexter Hysol 4010, Dexter Hysol 4200 models.
 Price is per case of 35lbs. 
Click  here  for a data sheet.

P-708 1.75 x 1.75 Carpet Hot Melt Slugs for Loctite 175 Guns

SKU: P-708
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