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Pan Tec PR88 Industrial Skin Barrier Hand Cream 33.8 oz. / 1 Liter Container
pr88 - It's a water soluble skin protection cream, which is applied before work begins. pr 88 skin protection cream protects the skin against contact with oily and greasy dirt as well as paint, lacquer, graphite, soot, tar, (PU-)adhesives, artificial resins, polyester and silicone etc.
pr88 provides a non-greasy, non-sticky barrier against alcohol and carbon based substances like gasoline, diesel, oils, hydraulic fluids, creosote, fats, paint + thinners, tar, dyes resins, non-polar organic solvents, fiberglass, superglues, ink, graphite., epoxies, etc. Absorption of solvents and toxins by the skin is delayed and often prevented.
pr88 will not wipe off the skin nor transfer to surfaces touched once it has properly set on the skin (after approx. 1 minute) and therefore not contaminate work pieces.
pr88 is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, 85% biodegradable, and can be safely applied over open wounds and over face, neck, and other body parts; dermatologically tested and found to be safe for over 50 years as a serious health and safety product.
By delaying the absorption of solvents and toxins through the skin, long term internal organ damage (liver, kidney) is prevented. pr88 can be removed with plain warm or cold water without the use of soaps or detergents in approx. 10-20 seconds. Skin surfaces remain undamaged due to the elimination of often harsh and protracted cleaning methods necessary to remove stubborn contaminants. pr88 increases the objective and subjective feeling of well being and safety in users, thus contributing to increased productivity, morale, and health. Through the elimination of the need for soaps and often dangerous cleaning solvents pr88 also contributes to less pollution in our waste water stream.
Before starting work apply a marble size quantity for both hands. Don't forget to treat nail beds and fingernails properly. The cream should be totally dry to the touch in approx. 1 minute. If a tacky feeling prevails, too much was applied. After work rinse your hands with water to remove pr88 and all dirt.  Approx. 400 applications per 1 liter of pr88. 
 Typical applications for PR88 are furnace, chimney sweeping, machinist, painting, aircraft & car mechanic, fiberglass, manufacturing, and woodworking. 
 Click  here  for TDS;  here  for SDS

Pan Tec PR88 Skin Barrier Hand Cream 33.8 oz./1 Liter Container

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