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Parfix 3403 Low Odor, Low Bloom Superglue - 1lb. Bottle
PARFIX 3403 is a medium  (1000 cps)  viscosity, cyanoacrylate adhesive with low odor and low-blooming characteristics. This technology offers excellent product performance and easy of processing. Eliminated the need for ventilation and reduces frosted residues in critical cosmetic bonding.
 Suitable for wide variety of assembly of Industrial and medical devices 
 Rapid bonding of wide range of plastics, rubber, wood, metals, and elastomeric materials. 
 Under normal conditions, the surface moisture initiates the curing process. Functional strength developed very quickly but curing process continues for at least 24 hours before full chemical/solvent resistance is developed. The rate of cure will depend on substrate used. 
 Stainless Steel 30-70 seconds 
 ABS 20-60 seconds 
 Polycarbonate 20-60 seconds 
 PVC 20-50 seconds 
 Neoprene < 5 seconds 
 Phenolics 30-60 seconds 
PVC 35 seconds
Nitrile Rubber 5 – 7 seconds
 Recommended alternative to Loctite 403, 3M Scotch-Weld LO1000, and Cyberbond Apollo 5100

Parfix 3403 Low Odor, Low Bloom Superglue - 1lb. Bottle

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