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Parfix 3416 General Purpose Superglue for Plastic Parts in 1lb. bottle


PARFIX 3416 is a high viscosity, cyanoacrylate adhesive with slower cure speed compare to other cyanoacrylate adhesives. This adhesive develops strong bonds on wide variety of metals, plastics, woods, and elastomeric compounds.

Meets MIL-A-46050C type II class III

Specially formulated to bond various plastics, metals and elastomers.

Great for rough or irregular surfaces.

Applications requiring alignment time of up to 15 seconds.

BONDS: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polyimide, PVC, PEEK, PETG, Polysulfone, PET, Latex, ABS, Rubber, Woods, and Metals

BONDING TIMES:  Under normal conditions, the surface moisture initiates the curing process. Functional strength developed in a short time but curing continues for at least 24 hours before full chemical/solvent resistance is developed. The rate of cure will depend on substrate used.

Steel 25-35 seconds

ABS 10-30 seconds

Polycarbonate 15-50 seconds

PVC 10-30 seconds

Neoprene < 5 seconds

Phenolics 10-15 seconds

Aluminum 10-20 seconds

Nitrile Rubber 5 – 7 seconds


PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Composition Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Appearance Colorless liquid Viscosity: 1500 cps

Parfix 3416 General Purpose Superglue for Plastic Parts (1 lb.)

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