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Potdevin ALMF Automatic/Semi-Automatic Label Paster


Speed up labeling operations with Potdevin automatic/semi-automatic machine.

Stack labels in an adjustable hopper. Select speed and engage. The operator can have labels delivered on demand, or engage a lever for continuous delivery of labels.


Variable speed permits adjustment of delivery speed.


The Potdevin ALMF gives you uniformly glued labels every time. Continuous feed, an output speed setting or a demand option provides the operator the versatility in getting the job done.



  • Cast Iron Glue Pot
  • Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Motor Auto/Semi-Auto Feeder
  • Models available with 6, 8 1/2, and 12 inch widths.

Potdevin Automatic/Semi-Automatic Label Paster (6" - 12" Units)

PriceFrom $3,775.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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