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Potdevin Heavy Duty Type 10A 12" Label Paster


In use in hundreds of plants where label pasting requirements call for varied size and shape labels.


Anybody can operate a POTDEVIN machine efficiently. All that is necessary is to guide the label to the feed rollers as they draw it in.


Strippers remove the pasted label and deliver it to the waiting fingers of the operator. Can be used in conveyor production lines. One operator can machine-paste labels and attach them as the containers go by on the conveyor.


For higher speeds, a crew can line up on either side of the conveyor as the glued labels ride by glued side up.



AC Motor Drive

Mimimum Size Labels Pasted: .5 x 2

Maximum Size Labels Pasted: 11.75 x any length


Table Space: 15 x 17.5 

Potdevin Heavy Duty Type 10A 12" Label Paster

SKU: Type 10A
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