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Potdevin Type LM Series Label Paster/Gluer


Motor-driven model boost production, add quality to labeling.

Regulator controls exact amount of adhesive.

Single operator can supply as many as three or four workers applying labels manually. Used to save time and money in more than 20,000 plants.

Operators can continuously paste odd size and shape labels at a fast, steady pace without any changes in machine adjustment.

One or two operators can alternately supply themselves with an assortment of labels. Or one operator can supply labels to three or four operators who manually apply the labels.


Short runs or special jobs can quickly be handled with the Potdevin label paster. This machine is ideal as an auxiliary labeler in plants with mass production set-ups. The quality of the hand labeled items will compare favorably in appearance to the neatness and uniformity of automatic machine results.

Coating Control: Regulate the exact coating required on labels. Accurate coating eliminates warping, blisters, wrinkles, lumps or oozing of paste at edges of labels. Uncoated side remains perfectly clean.

Easy to Clean: The pasting machine unit is simply lifted from the motor base for cleaning. Its ease of cleaning permits use of many types of water soluble cold liquid adhesives. Rugged, all-metal construction brass rollers and oilite bearings insure years of trouble-free service.

Heavy-Duty Design: With thousands of units in the field, the single phase AC motor, cast iron pot, and stainless steel rollers are all designed for years of trouble free use.

Widths available: 6, 8 1/2, and 12 inches.

Call 800-275-0828 for pricing on optional electric glue heater and Edge & Strip attachment

Potdevin Type LM Label Paster (6" - 12" Units)

SKU: Type LM
PriceFrom $1,373.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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