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Surebonder Q-425-15

5/8" Diameter x 15" Long Off-White High Performance Spray Glue Sticks - (22 lbs. box)


Q-425-15 is a high performance, low viscosity EVA "spray grade" hot melt adhesive with long open time for bonding wood, foam, fabric, polypropylene and polyethylene plastics as well as glass and metal applications.


Softening Point: 200F

Working Time: Up to 3 minutes (spray)

Viscosity / Centipoise : 3,000 @ 375F

Color : Off-white

FDA Food Packaging Approval : #21CFR175.105

Application temperature: 350F to 400F

Approximately 176 sticks per each 22 lbs. case

Price is per case of 22lbs.

Recommended for use in Surebonder Spray-500 glue gun

Q-425-15 5/8" x 15" Off-White High Performance Spray Glue Sticks

SKU: Q-425-15
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