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Sonlok 3271 Red Permanent Bolt/Stud Grade Threadlocker Anaerobic Adhesive


Sonlok 3271 is a fast curing, high strength anaerobic thread-locking compound for bonding and sealing threads, and retaining of cylindrical parts. Sonlok 3271 is highly resistance to heat, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemicals.


Color: Red

Excellent performance on oily surface Ideal for fastener up to 1" (25 mm) in diameter. Often used for fasteners on vibrating machine, transmission, and engine block studs or valve sets. High strength, permanent and eliminates need for double nutting and welding. Prevents corrosion and leakage.


Meets Military specifications: (MIL-S-46163A Type I Grade K)

Viscosity: 500 cps at 25 degrees C

Gap fill of .15mm

Temperature range of -55 to 150 degrees C


Stocked in 10ml, 50ml, and 250ml bottles; call 800-275-0828 for pricing

Sonlok 3271 Red Permanent Bolt/Stud Grade Threadlocker

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