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FPC Surebonder 803 Adjustable Temperature Hot Melt Glue Skillet


Introducing our new Surebonder Professional Series 803 electric glue skillet.  Perfect for professional floral or craft projects!  Also ideal for gluing floral stems and foam.  Just heat glue completely in skillet and dip floral or other craft items to get the glue coverage you want.  This saves time and decreases the chance of burning your finger. 


Any unused glue can be reheated for your next project. 



  • Ideal tool for items such as floral supplies that bond easiest when dipped directly into melted adhesive
  • Easy power switch enables temps to adjust to 225 to 400 degrees F to effectively connect both porous and non-porous materials
  • Compact size and one-inch glue depth enable easy prep, usage, cleaning and storage
  • Use over and over without cleaning by simply re-heating solidified glue
  • Electric cord provides continual power; no batteries required
  • Factory warranty of 90 days


View demo video!

Surebonder 803 Hot Melt Adjustable Temperature Glue Skillet

SKU: 803
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