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Surebonder DOT-H High Strength Tack 3/8" x 1/16" Pressure Sensitive Glue Dabs/Dots (6000 each)
This formulation is strong bonding and semi-removable.
Pre-made pressure sensitive dabs of adhesive. Fast, easy and convenient to apply! Clear color double-sided dabs. Simply press each double-sided glue dab on a clean dry surface for an instant bond. Each dab is 3/8" in diameter and about 1/16" thick.
 The glue dab dispenser case contains 6,000 glue dabs. 
Applications - Large product assembly projects for paper, plastic, cardboard, metals, vinyls, glass, and various craft projects.
Glue dabs are commonly used for attaching credit cards, business cards, membership cards, and samples in large mailings. Ideal for securing promotional and multi-pack items in place.
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Surebonder DOT-H High Strength Tack 3/8 Glue Dabs (6000 each)

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