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FPC Surebonder Pro2-100 Medium Duty High Temperature Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun Dispenser (100 Watts)



This high temperature glue gun delivers approximately 2.5 pounds of glue per hour with 100 watts of heating power. Solid state PTC (positive temperature control) heaters. Ergonomic design long trigger for less effort.


Insulated and interchangeable nozzle, double insulated cord, on/off power switch. Complete with removal wire stand.


High Temperature : 380 degrees F

Watts Volts : 100 Watts, 120 Volts

Glue Stick Diameter : 7/16″ Regular .443″ (11.3mm)

Glue Stick Length : 4″,10″ & 15″ (101.6mm, 254mm, 381mm)


Surebonder Pro2-100 High Temp Hot Melt Glue Gun 100 Watts

SKU: PRO2-100
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