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FPC Surebonder Pro2-180 High Temperature, Professional Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun

180 Watts(180 Watts)


Uses 7/16″ diameter glue sticks (1/2″ sticks)


Conquer your repairs, installation, remodeling and DIY projects and so much more with the Surebonder 180-Watt Professional High Temperature Glue Gun. This gun has 4.5X more power than your standard glue gun and has a maximum output of 2.5 lbs. of glue per hour.


Quick heating feature allows for faster recovery time and less waiting. The stroke adjustment screw allows you to control the amount of glue dispensed with each trigger squeeze.


Standard features include 2 insulated nozzles, on/off switch, stroke adjustment screw, gun balancer and a safety fuse that will automatically shut off the gun in the event of a short.


High Temperature : 380degF. ( 193degC.)
Watts Volts : 180 Watts, 120 Volts
Glue Stick Diameter : 7/16″ Regular .445″ (11.3mm)
Glue Stick Length : 4″, 10″ & 15″ (101.6mm, 254mm, 381mm)
Glue Gun Weight : 1.25 Pound (27.2 ounces)

Surebonder Pro2-180 High Temp, Professional Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun 180 Watts

SKU: Pro2-180
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