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Tach-It 3510A Hand-Held Battery Powered Twist Tie Machine
Fully portable and extremely lightweight, the Tach-It Model #3510A Hand-Held Twist Tie Machine is designed specifically for use in the agricultural industry. This easy to use machine offers full day productivity while avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries from hand twist tying. Unlike stationary twist tie machines, the Model #3510A can be used anywhere including in the fields to stake agricultural products and vines such as tomatoes and grapes. Able to tie up to 1 3/8 inch in diameter, this versatile unit has a fully accessible extended front tying aperture. It also offers a looser tie so that there is no damage to the stem or vine of the plant and as the plant grows the tie will not strangle or inhibit growth and will fall off. Includes an easy squeeze trigger and an LED Indicator to show battery life and the number of twists which is adjustable by the push of a button. The protective enclosure for the ribbon spool keeps the twist tie material controlled and clean during the tying process. The ribbon spool changes are quick and easy with no operator training or tools necessary.
 Kit Includes:Model # 3510A Twist Tie Machine, 2 Battery Packs, Battery Charger—110 to 240 Volt AC, Shoulder Strap, Protective Enclosure for Ribbon Spool, Carry Case, Instruction Manual. 
 Call 800-275-0828 for 3510A twist tie ribbon pricing. 
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 Hand-Held Twist Tie Machine. 
  The Model #3510A is designed specifically for the staking and tying of agricultural products and vines.  
 Creates a tie that is designed specifically not too damage the plant, stem or hinder growth. 
 Automatically adjusts to tie from 1/8 inch to 1 3/8 inch in diameter. 
 Lightweight and fully portable. 
 2 lithium polymer batteries for 24/7/365 production. 
 A wide variety of twist tie materials available including paper/paper which is biodegradable. 
 LED battery level indicator and adjustment for number of twists. 
 Machine: Length - 14 inch, Width - 2.5 inch, Height - 9.5 inch 
 Weight: 3 Lbs with battery and roll of twist tie ribbon 
 Battery: Lithium Polymer and 2 batteries are included with machine. 
 Each battery yields about 4500 cycles 
 Charging Time: 2 hours 
 Tying Capacity: Automatically Adjusts from 1/8 inch through 1 3/8 inch 
 Battery Charger: 110 - 240 Volt AC 
   Download the manual here

Tach-It 3510A Hand-Held Battery Powered Twist Tie Machine

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