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Tach-It BL-1 Handheld Label Applicator for PLU or Small Labels
Perfect for applying PLU labels to fruits and vegetables, small UPC bar code labels and for labeling palletized cartons, the Tach-It BL-1 is battery powered and uses a lithium ion battery for all day productivity.  This lightweight and fully portable label applicator significantly increases production over manual hand labeling and is for die but labels up to 1 1/8 inch wide and 2 3/8 inch long. Easy to use, the Tach-It BL-1 has a touch sensitive nose which allows the operator to just touch the item to be labeled and the label is quickly and easy applied.  LED battery level indicator, removable battery, quick recharge time and label web rewinder for safety are all advantages of this machine.
 Perfect for applying PLU and small labels. 
 Works will labels up to 1.125" wide x 2.5" long 
 Requires labels wound out on 1" core, up to 4.875" rolls 
 Lightweight and fully portable. 
 For high production repetitive labeling applications. 
 Lithium Ion battery for all day productivity 
 Touch sensitive nose will not damage fruits or vegetables 
 Fast recharge time and label web rewinder for safety 
Download the brochure   here  ; manual   here  .

Tach-It BL-1 Handheld Label Applicator

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