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Tach-It SH402TR Premium Industrial Semi-Automatic Label Dispenser (2")
Designed for assembly, electronics, manufacturing, and anywhere small labels are used, our Tach-It Model SH402TR is specifically for miniature die-cut and butt-cut labels of any shape. Usable in either a vertical or horizontal position, the SH402TR utilizes state-of-the art electronics and an optical reader, which allow it to work on either transparent or opaque labels. Automatic label web re-winder eliminates mess and hazards in the work place. A brake motor, extra sharp large steel separator plate, durable construction, and no need for tools for label changeovers are all advantages of this machine..
 Designed specifically for miniature labels. 
 Uses a non-contact optical reader than can detect all types of labels including clear labels. 
 For labels up to 2 inch wide. 
 Digital length adjustment and cycle counter. 
 Small table top design and re-winder for the label waste. 
 Brake motor for consistent feed length. 
 Can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position. 
 Will feed up to 120 inches per minute. 
 Minimum label size: .20" wide x .40" long 
 Maximum label size: 2" wide x 5" long 
 Maximum label roll diameter: 6 inch 
 Power: 110 Volt 
 Core size: 1" or 3" 
 Machine Dimensions: Length - 7.5 inch, Width - 5.5 inch, Height - 7.25 inch 
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Tach-It SH402TR Premium Semi-Automatic Label Dispenser (2 )

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